About us



Hafeez Law Associates., trading as Tax consultation, is a personalized Tax and Accounting service advising firm. As professional advisers, we offer expertise and support in all aspects of corporate and personal tax and accounting. After evolving the current tax system, effectively managing your tax affairs is an increasingly challenging, but nonetheless essential, part of your business and personal financial planning. We can help save you or your business time and money, and reduce your risk exposure. While we conduct our business within the applicable framework of professional standards, laws, regulations and internal policies, we also understand different cultures and backgrounds, and are dedicated to ensuring that your individual needs and expectations are met. Whether you are new or have existing business men, whether you are thinking of setting up a new business or want to retire in the sun, We can assist you with understanding the complexities of tax and accounting system, and ensure that you are complying with your obligations. For further information or to arrange an initial consultation, please contact us.